How to mount a S3 File Gateway NFS share on Windows client?

Before mapping the NFS share, you would need to add NFS client for Windows feature.
You can install Client for NFS on Windows either through Server Manager or PowerShell command.

Using Server Manager:
1) Go to Server Manager and select Add roles and features

2)  Select Next in below Before You Begin:

3 . Select Next under Installation Type:

4. Under Server Selection, select the server to install the NFS client for Windows feature and select Next.

5.  Under Server Roles, select Next

6. Under features select Client for NFS as below and select Next

7. Under Confirmation, select Install

After selecting Install, you can use the client for NFS is installed on your Windows client.

Using PowerShell:
Run PowerShell as administrator and run the below command:
> Install-WindowsFeature NFS-Client

After NFS client for Windows is installed, you can use the following command to map the file share.
> mount –o nolock -o mtype=hard [GatewayVMIPAddress]:/[FileShareName] [WindowsDriveLetter]

Using Windows Explorer, you can use the below steps.

Go to This PC and select Computer and choose Map network drive

Then, provide the File Gateway IP address and path to the share to map the file share.

When possible, it is recommended to use SMB protocol with Windows client. SMB is native to Windows and robust than NFS.
Also, Windows client for NFS doesn’t support NFSv4. If you have any comments, let us know.

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