How to setup AWS Storage Gateway VM on Microsoft Hyper-V?

In my previous posts, I shown the process of setting up the Storage Gateway on VMware and EC2. In this walkthrough, I will show steps to deploy Storage Gateway VM on Microsoft Hyper-V. First, you would need to download the Hyper-V image from the AWS Storage Gateway management console, under Platform options as shown in below screenshot.

After you downloaded the image, unzip it and take a note of the location, as this path would be used later to import the virtual machine. Next, login to your Hyper-V server, Open Hyper-V Manager, choose the Hyper-V host, right click and select Import Virtual Machine as shown in below screenshot:

Select Next here in Before You Begin prompt.

Under Locate Folder, select Browse and go to the below shown path where you have unzipped the image and choose Virtual Machines.

Next, you will see Select Virtual Machine prompt as below, here select Next.

Under Choose Import Type, select Register the virtual machine in-place (user the existing unique ID).

Select Finish under Summary as shown below.

After selecting Finish, you will see the storage gateway VM deployed. Connect to the VM, select File Settings as in below screenshot.

In this article, as I will deploy File Gateway, I will create one VM hard disk for cache storage. Also, check the VM is configured with the correct networking configuration. Select the Network Adapter and ensure to select the Virtual switch that has access to the storage gateway endpoints.

Next, to add VM hard disk, select SCSI Controller and choose Hard Drive and select Add as in below screenshot.

That will being the New Virtual Hard Disk Wizard as shown below. Select Next under the Before You Begin.

Next under Choose Disk Format, select VHDX and select Next.

Under Choose Disk Type, choose Fixed size as it is recommended to get optimal performance and select Next.

Provide the Name and Location for the cache disk as shown below.

Specify the size of the cache disk, I will use minimum recommended of 150 GB size. You can use cache disk size up-to 64 TB. When you want to add additional storage to cache, always create new VM disk instead of extending the already allocated disks. Also, don’t remove the existing cache disks. For more information refer here.

Select Finish under Summary, wait for the hard disk creation to be completed.

That completes the creation of the VM in Hyper-V. Connect to the VM and verify the network connectivity to the storage gateway endpoints. To verify network connectivity, select 3. Test Network Connectivity

Enter 1: Storage Gateway under Select gateway family. Then, enter 1: Public for Select network type. For region, I will use us-west-2.

After the region, select 1: Standard for endpoint type and check the network tests pass as shown below.

Next step is to get the activation key and activate the gateway. You can get the activation key connecting to the VM console from option 0: Get Activation Key as I shown in this article. You can complete the activation either in the AWS management console providing the activation key or use AWS CLI/SDK to complete the activation.

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